Civility Check


   When was the last time you
   put as much effort into trying
   to understand
your partner’s
   point of view as you did in trying
   to get
point of view across?                 

-  Abley


Could you or someone you know benefit
from counseling?
  • Family member?
  • Neighbor?
  • Co-worker?
  • Classmate?
  • Employee / Employer? 
  • Other _________ ?       
     We’d Like to Help!TM



"I have wept in the night
  for the shortness of sight,

that to somebody's need
made me blind;

But I never have yet
felt a twinge of regret,
for being a little too kind."

-  Unknown




Dear Friend:

Welcome!  I'm glad you have found my website! 
Many people think that only a certain "type" of person needs counseling, someone who fits a certain category;
however, that line of thinking is very far from the truth.  In times of family crisis, illness, marriage breakdown,
or other stress factors, any person may benefit from talking to a caring professional, who can offer insights or
a perspective different from their own.

Counseling can benefit:

  • PARENTS struggling with the challenges of being good parents;
  • TEENAGERS to help equip them with skills to cope with myriad issues they face;
  • YOUNG CHILDREN experiencing pain in childhood stresses;
  • Marriage enrichment counseling can help MARRIED COUPLES keep the relationship growing & thriving;
  • Couples experiencing TROUBLED MARRIAGES;
  • Persons going through DIVORCE;
  • ENGAGED COUPLES for counsel they may implement to get their marriage off to a good start;
  • BEREAVED PERSONS following death of a loved one, miscarriage, or abortion;
  • Anyone suffering from DEPRESSION;
  • THOSE HURTING from personal loss – of health; of a relationship; of focus; of purity; of assurance; of hope . . . 
Do you (or does someone you know) fit any of the categories listed?
I’d like to help!

Dr.  Graham Abley



For further information or to make an appointment call:    409-860-3907


Regular Office Hours:  M - F  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

               After Hours--if requested; includes: 

  • LUNCH TIME 12:00-1:00 PM
  • Evenings
  • Weekends


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