"God is far more interested
 in what a person can be than
 in what a person has been."

                                        -- H. Norman Wright
Perhaps you, or someone you know,
could benefit from counseling...

  • Family member;
  • Neighbor;
  • Co-worker;
  • Classmate;
  • Employee / Employer;
  • Other _____
We’d Like to Help!TM

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No matter how far
you have gone
on a
wrong road, turn back!

Turkish Proverb

Dear Friend:

Welcome!  I'm glad you have found my website!  Many people think that only a certain "type" of person needs counseling, someone who fits into a certain category; however, that line of thinking is very far from the truth.  In times of family crisis, illness, marriage breakdown, or other stress factors, any person may benefit from talking to a caring professional, who can offer insights or a perspective different from their own.

Counseling can be beneficial to:

  • PARENTS struggling with the challenges of being good parents;
  • TEENAGERS – to help equip them with skills to cope with myriad issues they face;
  • YOUNG CHILDREN experiencing pain in childhood stresses;
  • Any MARRIED COUPLE – marriage enrichment counseling can be a tool to help keep the relationship growing and thriving;
  • Couples experiencing TROUBLED MARRIAGES;
  • Persons going through DIVORCE;
  • ENGAGED COUPLES -- who can participate in pre-marriage counseling, for guidance and counsel they may implement in order to get their marriage off to a good start;
  • BEREAVED PERSONS – following death of a loved one, miscarriage, or abortion;
  • ANYONE SUFFERING from depression;
  • THOSE HURTING from personal loss – of health; of a relationship; of focus; of purity; of assurance; of hope…

Do you (or does someone you know) fit any of the categories listed?  I’d like to help!

Dr.  Graham Abley

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