My name is Graham Abley...

I am a Christian Faith-based Marriage & Family
Counselor.   I was born near and grew up in
Liverpool, England.  In 1977, I moved to the USA;
shortly after I arrived in the States, I met Bonise,
who became my wife the following year.   God
blessed us with one child, a daughter, who is now
married.   She and her husband have given us 

four grandchildren--three boys and one girl.
We are abundantly blessed!

In 1992, I found out I was losing my eyesight to complicated glaucoma.  Shortly thereafter, I spent five months at the Criss Cole Rehab Center for the Blind, in Austin, Texas.  On the advice of my vocational counselor there (who was aware that I had counseled and was able to help some of the staff and clients at the Rehab Center), I decided to study toward a degree in the field of counseling.  Using a closed-circuit
TV, reading two words (or less) at a time, I earned my Ph.D. in 1998.  I have been doing counseling as a ministry since 1994.  Because I am legally blind (I do have a very small amount of vision), I have a counseling office in my home.  My office has a private entrance with restroom facilities.

The focus of my counseling ministry is primarily in the following areas:

  • Marriage Enrichment Counseling – for any couple to help keep their marriage growing & thriving;
  • Troubled-Marriage Counseling;
  • Divorce Recovery/Adjustment Counseling;
  • Pre-Marriage Counseling for engaged couples;
  • Anger Management Counseling;
  • OCD counseling;
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counseling;
  • Child-Rearing Counseling for parents struggling with the challenges of being good parents;
  • Counseling for children experiencing pain in childhood stresses;
  • Counseling for teenagers coping with myriad issues they face;
  • Counseling for depressed individuals;
  • Counseling for bereaved persons;
  • Situational crises counseling with adults, youth, and children;
  • Counseling for those hurting from personal loss—of a relationship, of health, of focus, of purity, of assurance, of resolve…

Over the years, God has seen fit to bless my counseling ministry and I have seen a number of marriages restored, parent/child relationships healed, and individuals--both young and older--whose lives have been changed for the better.  Thank you for visiting...  I hope you will give me a call.

          Regular Office Hours:  M - F  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
          After Hours--if requested:  Evenings and Weekends (includes LUNCH TIME 12:00-1:00 pm)


ADVANCE Christian Counseling
Graham A. Abley, PhD.


690 Callaway Dr.                Beaumont, TX    77706

Providing Christian Faith-Based Counseling in Southeast Texas