Benefit of Counseling

Benefit of Counseling

Stressed?    Discouraged?    Perplexed?    Defeated?
Why not seek encouragement, new insights,
and a change of perspective today by
making an appointment with a caring professional counselor.

Who can benefit from counseling?

You? I? he? she? they? we?

Short answer:    Any of us!

ADVANCE  Christian Counseling
Graham A. Abley, PhD.

Pre-Marriage Counseling,  Marriage Enrichment Counseling,  Parenting Counseling,  Child and Adolescent Counseling,
Anger Management Counseling,  Divorce Adjustment/Recovery Counseling,  OCD Counseling,  Depression Counseling,
Bereavement & Loss Counseling

   We chose the name ADVANCE for this counseling service because we like the meaning of the word.
   According to Webster's Dictionary advance means:  
  • progress;
  • move on;
  • march on;
  • go on;
     Our aim should be to be growing (making progress) regardless of the circumstances in
     which we find ourselves. 
We need to be moving forward in life in order not to stagnate
     or retreat. 

Other definitions of advance are:
  • to accelerate the growth or progress;
  • to further;
  • to forward;
  • to help on;
  • to aid;
  • to cause to move forward ...


          Those are my goals in counseling--to help you, to encourage you to move forward,
          make progress, and grow through whatever situation you are currently experiencing.
          Why not give me a call today, rather than allowing your situation to overwhelm and
          defeat you--causing you to stagnate or retreat.  Give me a call.


For an appointment call:   
690 Callaway Dr.                                               Beaumont, TX    77706

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