Heart & Home

Heart & Home

Where It Really, Really, Counts . . .
             by Bonise Abley
Are you righteous?  Are you Godly?  In your dealings with your spouse?
Is fruit of righteousness sown in peace among those within your house?

Our attitudes, our actions, around those who know us best,
Are the ones that really count--put our profession to the test.

It's how we treat those closest to us that God is concerned about.
If we don't deal with them in love, this could make others doubt.

Husband, do you love your wife--choice companion and helpmeet?
With Christ's self-giving love?  She's God's gift, your life to complete.

Wife, do you reverence your husband?  Show him honor and respect?
He's the man GOD gave to be your guide, your well-being to protect.

Parent, do you love your precious child--the one GOD gave to you to mold?
Do you deal in love, as God with you, or discourage and drive from the fold?

Child, do you honor Mother and Father--give them the respect that is due?
God says it'll be WELL with those who do; He promises them long life, too.

Brothers, Sisters, is it your intention to promote harmony?
God says it's good, it is pleasant, for brethren to dwell in unity.

If we live in strife and envy toward ones we ought to love,
God tells us this is devilish; not HIS wisdom from above.

He says HIS wisdom is pure and gentle; easy to be entreated.
That it is peaceable, pliable, yielding to others when needed.

Bitterness, wrath, and malice, we'll put away if for Him we're living.
He wants us to be kind to one another, tenderhearted and forgiving. 

Evil speaking (includes harshness and discord) our lips should never yield.
It is corrupt communication, it grieves God's Spirit by Whom we're sealed.

When we're renewed within our mind; when GOD is our true passion,
We will not be conformed to the World--not treat others in its fashion.

We will show righteousness and holiness--act like God above;
With attitudes, speech and actions demonstrating HIS love.

Love doesn't put SELF  first; doesn't deal with others in pride;
Doesn't envy their right to benefit; remains TRUE at their side.

Real love will be enduring, put up with slight and remain kind;
Insults and offenses it will forgive, then put them out of mind.

Faithful love will keep on giving . . .   and forgiving another --
Be it our spouse, our child, our parents; our sister or our brother.

When our focus is on Christ, instead of those whom we attend,
We can give more of our self, unscathed when they would offend.

If our service is done as unto the Lord, we'll consider others first,
To serve, to speak kindly to them--even when they're at their worst.

Love speaks for edification, to minister GRACE unto the hearer.
God calls love "the perfect bond," to bind us to each other nearer.

God listed many, many, other things He wanted you and me to do,
Then said, ABOVE ALL, put on charity--His heart's desire, it's true.

God's ROYAL LAW is our love in action--to this it all amounts.
His peace we'll know in heart and home . . .   where it really, really, counts.

© Bonise Abley  
 References:   James 3:18: Col. 3:13, 14,15,17, 21, 23; James 2:8; James 3:15-17; Eph. 4:23, 24, 32; Eph 5:21; I Cor. 13;  Romans 12:2